GEMELA is a brooklyn based project of duality by identical twins Julie + Diana Verdugo.  It’s a playful project for us that explores overlaps of art + design, engineering theory, and the creative communities - tiny + large, marginalized + prominent - that we’ve met around the world.


J+D | Born in Detroit, 3 minutes apart, to a chilean dad and michiganian mom Diana and Julie were inspired by their industrial roots and went for degrees in Industrial and Operations Engineering. Nomads and polylinguists at heart, combined, they've lived in Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Buenos Aires, Detroit, Istanbul, London, Madrid, New York City, Nurnberg, Sicily, Sao Paolo, and Rio de Janeiro.


PRODUCT | All pieces are unisex and meant to be enjoyed on any + all fingers and parts of the body.


PROCESS | Our designs tell stories of process. We design our pieces in our brooklyn studio using the art of hand carving lost wax, traditional metalsmithing and 3D print processes.  We work with a local family business who casts our pieces by hand in manhattan.


DESIGN | Our geometric silhouettes are inspired by the angular shapes of the teleferico in the Rio favela Complexo do Alemao. It is their constant inspiration and in every design we aim to reveal the positive story of Brazil's artistic favela communities that are often portrayed in a negative light. If you want to know more it's a topic we love to geek out about. That, and 3d printing.