9 2 5   nīn/ to͞o/ fīv/ 92.5% silver + 7.5% copper*


AU NATURALE | We can all fuzzily remember from high school chemistry class that silver is created out of one of the most magical members of the periodic table [atomic number 47, remember?]. It's has antibacterial properties, comes from our mother earth and exudes good, earth vibes. 925 FTW!

DURABLE |  We wear sterling silver when we make our pieces. Julie doesn't take off the I ring and Diana doesn't take off the teleferico ring. Through jewelry benchtime, to mastering a 3D print, to Julie's skateboarding, to downward dogs, to experimental cooking and showers we don't take them off. We don't do delicate things so we don't want to wear delicate things. Our hands are too curious to stay away from danger. :)

HEALTHY | Sterling Silver is known to be the most hypoallergenic fine metal that is nice to everyone's skin. Let's be kind to our largest organ!

VERSATILE | Young, old, man, woman, silver is for all. 

SOUTH AMERICAN ROOTS | Our Chilean heritage has helped us appreciate silver since our earliest memory. (fun fact! Chile is the 5th largest producer of Silver + 1st largest copper producer!). We can't deny that silver is an element of our nostalgia:  our first precious metal 925 earrings bought on a family trip to Santiago, a matching twin tiffany & co. sweet 16 bracelets and did you know Julie created our COMPLEXO Cuff necklace in a Lima jewelry atelier?


*Why copper? because besides the fact that copper is a dreamy and healing metal it brings the perfect balance of firmness where pure sterling silver on it's own would be too soft and malleable to wear.