Julie & Diana Verdugo

we are identical twin sisters sharing dna + a love for favelas, heavy machinery, 3D printing, and metal.


We've collectively combed the lands working in the enchanting lands of: Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Berlin, New York, Detroit, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles. Hoarding inspirations and connecting the dots of our unique/predictably unpredicatble paths along the way.  Industrial Engineers with a mega passion for design and story telling lead them from the factory floors of Aerospace facilities to backstage of Paris fashion shows. 

Separately Julie dove deep down the rabbit hole of Fashion + Design strategy in London + Nuremberg + New York , while Diana jumped into jewelry + E-commerce strategy in Barcelona, Berlin + New York.

Now we're back together to share the designs + art projects we've been developing since we put GEMELA 1.0 to sleep in 2010 to get our MBAs and learn our industries.

We love community arts projects, optimisim, resourceful design, learning new languages, story telling + safety glasses.

Detroit | Brooklyn | Rio de Janeiro